Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Chrysler Building

   Today we got a chance to explore (on our own, finally!) Queenstown. It was so much fun to get to walk around and act like locals (okay, we stopped in a few times for souvenirs--everyone in our group bought hats and, wait for it, possum fur gloves), and since I've decided that my concentration is going to be portraits it was really helpful to get to see and take pictures of the "locals" up close. I sound like I'm talking about crocodiles don't I? Turns out that kids are the easiest to photograph because they're too young to know that they should be really freaked out. I feel like a complete creeper but I'm getting some good shots out of it so I guess it's worth it. being a photographer  kind of releases you from some basic etiquette laws. Emily Post would turn over in her grave.
   After our expeditions we all met up and took a Gondola up to the top of a giant hill overlooking Queenstown. The view was unbelievable.
   We were supposed to go and pick up our National Geographic Expert Ula from the airport today but because of the volcanic eruption in Chile (did I mention it's been raining ash here for, like, three days?) and all the earthquakes on the North Island she's not going to fly in until Thursday so we went on to
 Wanaka without her.
   The drive wasn't far but the bus had some problems and Carl couldn't get it any higher than about third gear, so we were stuck at 40 miles, excuse me, kilometers an hour the whole way here. There were quite a few angry drivers--it's been the first time I saw an angry native. Well, except for the really mean flight attendants. But they were Australian.
  Tonight we went to an Indian Resturaunt that poured us mango smoothies out of paint buckets.

   G'Day Kiwis!


  1. It sounds like a great day. I can't wait to see your pictures! There's one you took of a bottlenose dolphin on the NGSE blog. It's wonderful!

    What does possum fur feel like? The ones around here don't look too cuddly.

    FYI. Dad is having trouble posting comments, but he's trying!


  2. Loved the dolphin picture. Can't wait to see the possum fur gloves. It's good to know that you can use possum for more than just bitter soup. Did you have any food at the Indian resaurant or just smoothies?

    Have fun!

    Love, love, love...


  3. Did I tell you or did I tell you about Milford Sound!! When I see God ,I am going to ask Him how He expected us to describe the stunning glory of His creation when all we have is words!!I forgot you get motion sick. If you can find some at the pharmacy there, I use meclisine hydrochloride, 25mgs. It is sold over the counter and does not make me sleepy. Love you Sittu