Thursday, June 16, 2011

On The Road Again

   Yesterday we drove four hours from Wanaka to Franz Josef. The ride was long and pretty windy--Makena and I sang show tunes most of the way. Along the road we stopped at this beach. It was lined by a rock wall dotted with little stark white smooth rocks about the size of your fists that people had written messages on. It was by far the most inspiring landscape I've seen so far. We all signed a 'National Geographic Rock.' I wish I could upload pictures! There was also a dead shark on the beach. But that wasn't as artsy.
  Today while everyone else went on a 4 hour glacier hike Gemina and I went to the clinic then set up a movie theatre in the common room (we set up a projector and blankets) and watched Shutter Island with Carl. I feel bad because I feel like this hasn't been a very fun birthday for Gemina but the day's still young. We might still do something to celebrate.
   What I really want to do is go to the hot glacier pools--they're like hot tubs but in glaciers. No big deal. I'm sure everyone else needs it more than I do, I hear the hike up to the glacier was much worse than actually walking ON the glacier. Except for the 'slow group' who apparently got stuck behind this awful Indian family going 2 miles an hour.
   Gemina just came in saying we're going to go to the Hot Springs so for the sake of humanity I should probably go shave my legs. Or put on water proof pants.

G'Day Kiwis!


  1. I hear you've been seeing the medical facilities in NZ. How's the noggin? How 'bout that bus ride? Hope you're on the mend! I'm sure a hot tub in nature is just what the doctor ordered. A big thank you to Gemina for taking care of you -- and a happy birthday to her!


  2. Sweet Girl! Sometimes, it can be just as much fun to watch a move when you ae half way aound the world as it is watching it at home on the couch. Sorry you had to miss some of the fun, but I'm glad you are feeling better. Have a great time!

    btw-- I acually killed that dead shark you saw on the beach, using nothing more than a Chuck Norris lunchbox and harsh look.

    Love, love, love...