Sunday, June 12, 2011

Exploring the Sound June 11th, 2011

 Today we went to go see Milford Sound. My stomach braved a 2 hour bus ride through windy mountian roads and  4 hour boat tour over choppy waves. It was rough but worth it. I was sure to self pic a ton for Sittu.
   Pictures can't do this place justice. Not just Milford Sound but New Zealand as a whole. The pictures I googled a couple of weeks ago can't even BEGIN to compare to actually being here. It's intoxicating. Everything is beautiful. LIterally everything--we got off the plane in a parking lot next to The Remarkables (the mountains between Mordor and Gondor. I'm sort of a geek). I don't think we've seen anywhere that Narnia was filmed yet. I'm mentally preparing myself but I think I'll faint. 
   I wonder if the people who live here realize how incredible everything is or if they're just casually like "Oh, yep. Looks like my backyard". We really haven't seen very many Kiwis yet. To be fair, we've mostly been in tourist-ey areas but I can't help feeling like I'm living in the first few scenes from Children of the Corn. 
   Carl, our bus driver, is really the only New Zealander we've met besides people at the airport. He's got long white hair that he pulls back into a ponytail, large teeth, a long mustache and big bushy eyebrows. He's short and the hair takes up most of the room on his face so he kind of reminds me of the friendly beaver from the Chronicles of Narnia. 
   The few people we have met seem just as warm and inviting as their reputation suggests (although, unfortunately, their food's about as good as it's rumored to be too) and since we don't have much planned for the next couple days I think we'll be hanging around town and the locals. I'll be keeping an eye out for Maddie.

G'Day Kiwis! 

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  1. I can't wait to see your pictures! It sounds awe inspiring, to say the least.

    I'm so glad that that you weren't forced to include something to the effect that your stomach was very brave, but capitulated in the end! Makes me so proud!