Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For Narnia, and for Aslan! June 21st, 2011

  This morning we woke up early and set out for our drive across the coast. Carl said it would take somewhere between 8-10 hours (although the actual time on the road was closer to 5. I see what Karen means about all the extra stops). Ulla wanted us to make a photo story about our travel day so we were all snapping pictures of people making sandwiches and Carl loading the bus. 
   We stopped first at Arthur's pass. It was pretty but nothing we hadn't seen before. The real show came later at Castle Hill, AKA the setting for the final battle scene from the Chronicles of Narnia? Yeah. I freaked out. 
   Also the Dali Lama declared it a holy buddhist place or something. But obviously that's not nearly as big a deal. 

    We watched Ulla's fiancee Sebastian boulder. Which was awesome but super intimidating. 

    From there the drive to Hanmar was another 3 hours or so which I very happily slept through. 
    Once we reached our next Top 10 Holiday Park we met Dave, the trip coordinator Dave who's completely rescheduled our last few days in New Zealand. 
   Because of the lack of snow we're not going to be able to go skiing, and because of all the earthquakes and ash we can't spend very much time in Christchurch (although we just heard that enough roads had opened so that we could go photograph the destruction the day after tomorrow). So instead we're going horseback riding in the morning and then to some natural hotsprings tomorrow night. I've decided that this is a good thing since I'm not a skii-er anyway. 

   G'Day Kiwis! 


  1. Those boulders are amazing. Did you climb any? No skiing, huh. Well . . . it's good we didn't go buy any ski clothes for you! And, horseback riding followed by hotsprings is right up your alley. Enjoy!



  2. Great pics! Let me see if I get this straight-- no skiiing, and you get to go horseback riding and hot-springs-tubbing instead? It's all working out for the Carson girl.

    For Narnia!!!!

    Love, loe, love...


  3. I do hope you will get to see the "lost" emporor penguin, that is on Peka beach on the North island. He took a wrong turn somewhere. glad you are having a great time. Popsy


  5. There are no Kiwis in New Zealand. It's a myth.

  6. LIES! But they are endangered. Wikipedia has a map that will tell you where they are distributed in New Zealand. They all appear to be in coastal areas. You must avoid going inland for the remainder of your trip and possibly stay in one of the areas motionless for days until they have accepted you as a part of the wildlife. Only then shall you be rewarded with a photo.